Club S.W.E #2

Club S.W.E is back at Favela Chic and this time we got some really talented swedish artists/designers for you all to discover! This event is all about music, fashion and art so we have planned out an interesting expo in the pop-up gallery with three amazing artists. In the pop-up shop will we have a very chic and elegant brand called”Bärnsten” and all the collections will be on sale so be ready to shop! Of course we had to bring back one of coolest urban Dj’s from Sweden, Dj Chulo so get ready to dance all night long.

See you all there!



Agnes BW


Annelie Torstensson



Lilly Wood photography



Getting up in the morning is never easy for me and what I need to get my brain going is music. Then I tell myself (while dancing) that this will be a good day filled with great energy and positive vibes. I tell myself that I will be open to whatever might come my way and not to be afraid of new things. I might look crazy doing this but I am a firm believer in the law of attraction (LOA) and everyday I ask myself where will I put my energy this day? #whatwefeedgrows


Happy Land

I could not have started my week in a better way! My good friend Sarah invited me to Disneyland as my birthday gift and I have  been counting down the days for about a month now. So, today we spent a wonderful day at my favourite “park” running around like crazy kids enjoying fun rides. Tack min skatt!


Shaz Art

I found “Shaz Art” on IG not so long ago and I fell in love with his art instantly! This young french artist got some mad skills!

shazart shazart.jpg1


This last picture is from his artbook “Virtual Beauties” which contains 30 portraits of women from IG and you can find out more about the project here.