Open Mind

Who is still in town the first weekend in August? If you are, come and hang out with me and the “Open Mind” crew! Now, you might wonder what Open Mind is? We are a group of friends behind the name Open Mind and next Sunday will we organize our first event. The idea with this group/organization is to create, develop and promote cultural events. We like the thought of bringing people together to share experiences, ideas and creativity through events including everything from art to sports. This first event is a way for us to introduce our vision behind Open Mind and also to create new contacts. We are constantly looking for new inspirations and “unknown” talent so if you think this could be something for you, come by and see us next Sunday!

Open Mind.1

Open Mind.2

Wash Day!

As a naturalista wash day does not mean getting your laundry done, it means getting your hair done. Yes, it takes time and as much as I love keeping my hair in its natural state, it’s always a pain washing it. However, I would like to know how my naturalistas likes to style their hair after washing it.

I love keeping my hair in a protective hairstyle for a day or two after wash day to keep it moisturized. I usually twist my hair in big sections but last week I did mini twists and I really liked the result! This hairstyle took me about one hour to complete and since the twists were so small, it did not take long before my hair was completely dry. I did a twist out two days after and my curls were popping!

protective hairstyle


French Lesson #35

I sometimes think I am crazy wanting to learn french “late in life”.This is something I should have thought about doing earlier when my brain just soaked up things without even thinking. With age, things get harder…However,I can’t for my life understand why these Frenchies likes to make things so complicated! WHY do you make it so hard to communicate in your language? All these rules you must keep in mind? Gaaaah!

One of the rules that will confuse the hell out of you is the term of addressing people you know/don’t know. You see, there are two ways of saying “you” in french : familiar way is “tu” and formal way is “vous”. Have a look at this funny infographic on how to use “tu” and “vous” from LA Times:

french lesson

french lesson.1


SOD – Colors

What side of the color wheel do prefer the most when it comes to clothes? I would say the right side, the cold one including blue, green, violet and lime. I love wearing all kinds of colors but the color “blue” gives me the right energy and reflects my personality the most. If you don’t know what colors you prefer to wear, have a look at what you have in your closet!

You should also analyse why you prefer/avoid certain colors to understand what will make you feel good/bad. If you are not a “color addict” like me already, you will be surprised when you realize what kind of impact colors can have in your everyday life!

blå.wCheck out this link for more information regarding the meaning of colors.



Roots Magazine B-Day Brunch

Today, Roots Magazine hosted a great brunch party at Libertalia to celebrate their 3rd year as a magazine. The dress code for this event was white & wax and people were dressed up in so many different prints and beautiful colors! I took my good friend Samba with me and we had a good time eating amazing african food while listening to good old RnB. Oh, and don’t we love getting goodie bags? Yes we do!