French Lesson #36

Learning french is all about learning how to tell a person to go and f**k himself in as many different ways as possible. No need to freak out,  you learn the french grammar and all that  but bad words are a HUGE part of the way Frenchies communicate today. I have to say that it was hard getting used to this at first but now, I’ve started talking like them. Jesus, did I just admit that? Putain!




I think I have mentioned it a few times on the blog already but I get dressed regarding to my mood everyday. Picking out an outfit for the next day is something that Im completely incapable of. I really admire people who can “plan ahead” in that way! Yesterday, I felt like wearing this:

ootd#nike #hm #vsp #AA #forever21


Peace By VSP

New job, new adventure! Ive started working for a brand called VSP and they just opened their first store in the world (!!!) yesterday in Paris. There are so much to tell and show regarding the brand but one aspect of this brand that I like particularly is their line Peace by VSP. Here is why:


vsp.1 vsp.3The flagship store is located at 19, rue Debelleyme. Come by and have a look!


PA<3 x 4

Last Friday, I said goodbye to my wonderful colleagues at AA and I will really miss working for the brand. For the past four years have I worked with people from all over the world in Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne and its been a hell of a ride! I must say that this was one of the best experiences ever and I will keep these amazing memories close to my heart.

aaPuss puss!


SOD – Mood Board

New season and it’s time to “upgrade” your closet! What do you feel like you are “missing” in your closet or with your personal style right now? Having a hard time deciding what kind of look you would like to go for this fall/winter? Well, a good idea would be to create your own little mood board with brands, looks and things you like for some inspiration. It’s very simple and fun too! Either via paper magazines or internet, let your ideas and taste flow freely.

I’m crushing hard on Swedish brands at the moment and I have decided to try something new for fall/winter and that is to wear more black/grey. Strong colors have always been my thing and it helps me to feel good so I’ve kind of let the “dark side” behind but its time for some change. This is what my mood board looks like at the moment;


I might add a few morde brands/details to it later on but I feel like this is a good base for what I am seaking for this comming season.

Maison&Objet Paris

Last week, a friend of mine was working at the home-fashion event Maison&Objet and invited me to come and check it out. I mean, fashionable decoration? I was in HEAVEN! I spent over five hours walking around beautiful stands with amazing decoration, fabrics, accessories and MUCH more and I could not get enough. Too bad my budget did not match my taste but hey, a girl can dream right?

mo.2 mo.3 mo.4jpg

mo.1 mo.5

New Life

Two days ago, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl and I’m so proud of her! I have not be able to think straight since then and all I want is to meet this little person. I wish I could jump on the next plane home to give her a kiss but I have to hold on a bit longer. Till then, welcome Felicia Delina! Auntie <3 U.