David Pattinson aka Travelight

I met David Pattinson during Paris Fashion Week where he was shooting at Le Comptoir Général with Art Comes First. This man is not just a great photographer, but also an amazing person. He had this open spirit with an amazing vibe going on that was so comfortable and inspiring to be around!

Find out more about his work on his tumblr and on IG @travelight.


davidDavid Pattinson



A good friend of mine took me to a bar called La Famille last Saturday and I had the BEST mojitos in my life! Who knew a mojito with mango and wasabi could be so delicious? And chocolate on top of that? All their mojitos comes with an interesting twist of flavors and this place is definitely worth a visit.

famillePicture from here.


SOD – Pants Down

As much as I love fashion and styling, I don’t like shopping for myself actually! But, sales are going on all over this country so I “had” to visit my favourite stores to check out their sales assortments. One thing I always do when I eventually go shopping for me is to wear comfortable clothes that are also easy to take off/put on. As you guys can see, I don’t even bother taking my pants off! #lazyfashionista

shopping.2 shoppingThis cute pleather skirt in army green from Zara got home with me!