Want to know where you can go and sing your heart out to good old hip-hop/R&B songs? “L’Isolé” is a cool bar/club that opened recently in Pigalle and they got a “hidden” hip-hop/R&B karaoke in the back of the bar. They also got a very interesting deco and super good drinks so warm up your vocals and visit this place!

karaoke14 rue Frochot 75009 Paris



Change is good! It took me ages before I took the courage to try something different with my hair so I decided to do something drastic. I went from long and black to short and red! I cut off about 15 cm and I never thought that I would save this much time. We are talking about one hour less during my #washday people! One hour…#teamnatural


Metro System

Taking the Metro in Paris is more than just getting from A to B, it’s also a way of staying in shape! The metro system here is a very OLD one and sometimes the only way to get in or out of the metro is to take the stairs. And yes, I do swear out loud when I need to get off at a station like this:




Tack så mycket!

Thank you all for coming out to dance with me at “Club S.W.E” last week! “Jam To The Wild” delivered a great show and they did amazing covers of swedish song. Dj Chulo keep us dancing till 2am and he will be back in town soon for #2 of “Club S.W.E” so stay tuned!



I don’t like winter but what I do like with colder days is layering! It’s just not a way of keeping your warm but also a way of adding items to your outfit and play with different textures. The best part is that no matter what look you would like to go for, layering fits all types of styles. Classic or street? Layering gives you the ability to keep your style diversified and fun!

bild 2I am wearing items from the brand VSP.


New Look

I did it! I finally took the courage to go to a salon and let another person do my hair. It’s not easy for a naturalista to find a good hair salon but a friend of mine told me about Solivans Hair Salon so I booked a RDV. I was so scared at first and I think I repeated 56 times what I wanted the result to be, poor hairdresser. But, she did a great job and I love my new look!


Club S.W.E

If you are in Paris on the 10th of December then you MUST come to Favela Chic to groove with me! I am organizing a party with a good friend of mine and we got one of the best urban DJs from Sweden to rock the house! The very talented band Jam to The Wild will do their own versions of famous swedish songs so get ready for a lot of dancing!


Find out more about the event here