The key to my heart

If you want to hang with me, you must like to eat darling! I’m pretty strict when it comes to that so either you are up for stuffing your face or we cant’ be friends. Basta! The other day, my wife suggested we would try a new soul food joint in town called “Gumbo Yaya” and I said “OUI”. Their menu had many delicious options but the magical combination is spelled waffles with fried chicken people! Now, having me as a friend might put extra pressure on your zippers and buttons but it’s worth it. Trust me!


Picture from here.


Winter & I

Winter. The only time of the year I don’t mind looking like a perfect case for fashion police! See, I’m always cold so I dress as if I was about to climb Mount Everest. I know, not very stylish but oh so practical. However, you all know I love clothes so from time to time, I do try new things to see if maybe one day, I can manage to go for a look that reflects my parisian lifestyle. Like this beautiful shearling jacket I’m wearing in the picture below; I can definitely see myself wearing something like this one day.

IMG_8546 (1)

Brand: VSP.





Where is Brian?

Frenchies! It’s time for you all to put “fluent in English” on your CV! Learning English will not make you less french, I promise. And, it’s actually a very easy language to learn compared to French so get on the program! You see,there are some situations you can’t fully translate from one language to another and you are missing out on some fun stuff!