People In Paris

Style alert! I would like you to meet this lovely young naturalista from Paris with a huge passion for pieces from back in the days!

Name: Mariame

Describe your style: Very vintage with a touch of urban! My roots are important for me so I also like to include ethnic pieces to my style from time to time.

Where do you like to shop: I love to shop at ” vide dressings”  and vintage/thrift shops because it is in these places that one can find unique and authentic pieces. I find a lot of inspiration in these kind of environments and that is how I develop my personal style.

Favourite brands: American Apparel (complete addict), Urban Outfitters and Monki.

mariameJeans & shirt : Urban Outiftters

Trench coat : vintage

Shoes : Converse

Little Havana

Me and some friends went for drinks after work last night at Café A where they have transformed their terrace/backyard to a colorful street from Havana. If you love having mojitos: this is the place to visit! “Little Havana” will be open for another week so don’t miss out on a fun night out in Havana while in Paris.


148 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris

Amore Mio!

Got back to Paris late last night after spending a lovely week with my family in Rome for my cousin Ravi’s wedding and I literally had the best week ever! The wedding took place outside of Rome at this BEAUTIFUL venue and it was wonderful to celebrate their love with family and friends from all over the world. Thank you so much Andrea and Ravi for the best party ever!



My brain right now…

I count in swedish, think in english, speak in french and show love in tigrinya. That’s basically how my brain works and sometimes it gets so confusing that I make up new words to be able to express myself. Words that makes perfect sense to me, and only me. Unfortunately.


Club S.W.E #3

Club S.W.E is back and we have planned out a very cool event for you all! Come by Favela Chic this Thursday (09/07) and party like a true swede! As usual, we like to share some interesting art done by creative swedes so we have invited three artists that will present their work in the pop-up gallery. For this event, we decided to invite one of the best Djs in Paris, Dj BabaFlex and I can guarantee that he will keep you dancing all night long.Click here for all the details and I hope to see you all tomorrow!

#ClubSWE #TeamZlatan #IKEAland #Art #Music #Design #FavelaChic


I said yes do the dress

My cousin is getting married in Rome next month and I finally managed to find a dress. I’ve been searching high and low for the past two weeks and I’m so happy that the chase is over. What made it difficult was that I did not know what I wanted to wear, only that I wanted a colorful dress. So when I saw this dress at Zara today I said “YES, I do!”