Baby & Bar

My friend Ailin told me that the restaurant/bar Chez Celeste is closing down and asked if I wanted to join her and her boy for a last drink there. I did and we had a good time sipping on Mojitos served by Madame Celeste herself and the place was packed with old customers enjoying a last drink at their local favourite place. Well, Ailin lives just next door so I guess knowing her make me a local too right? One thing that kept me from enjoying my Mojito to the fullest was a mother with her baby. Yes, you heard me: a baby in a bar!

Now, I’m  not a child specialist but every cell in my body told me that having a baby with you to a bar is not appropriate. Ailins boy Anthony (he is french)  told me that “this is normal in France”. I said “well than you guys are some f****d up parents that have no common sense at all”. I don’t have any kids but baby+cigarets+alcohol= stupidity! I was so closed to call Dr. Phil…

Here she is mixing them drinks.


3 thoughts on “Baby & Bar

    • Ja! Asså orka! Och om du “inte orkar vara duktig hela tiden”? Betyder det att du måste hinka för att palla med din vardag? Du valde faktiskt att skaffa barn. Sedan kan man visst gå ut och dricka annat men ej vin när du ammar. Vad hände med sunt förnuft?


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