Mama’s Boy

Girls, heads-up if you would like to date a french guy; he might be more of your child than a partner. It’s not like I know many french guys, it’s just that I see that everyday at work and that is enough as a source for me. We have some male clients that can’t ever choose their own size or color for their underwear, thank God momy was there to help out! And she often ends up paying. Or, married men who must check with their wives if she likes what he wants to get, if not he’s not getting it.

Here is a funny story, or shall I say sad story? Well, the other day, this girl came in to the shop with her boyfriend. She had a CV in her hand and told us that they have an appointment with our HR person. “They”? No, it was her boyfriend but she did all the talking. He was standing in the back like a little puppy who was longing for a hug and did not make a move. And when it was time for the meeting did she almost follow him up to the office. I still can’t get over it…


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