Better Watch It!

Paris is a city full of people who should be anywhere else but in social places and I come across at least one person per day that could be classified as social handicapped, really! They might look very normal at first sight but they tend to go bananaz for no reason at all and they like to hang out in the metro during rush hour. Once, this lady tried to start at fight with me in the metro but I refused to give here that pleasure. I was standing in front of her minding my own business and she said “excuse me but you actually have two feet that are just right behind you”. I turned around and I could see that she was at least one meter away from me.

Now, I thought to myself that it was best not get into a fight with a person lacking ability to appreciate distance so I smiled, said “right” and stayed put. This mad her even more mad as I could hear her discuss the “issue” with a friend next to her. I had to hold my breath for not bursting into laugh because this lady was wearing flip-flops (in the city???) and I guess she was scared that my beautiful sneakers would crush her nasty toes.


2 thoughts on “Better Watch It!

  1. ja alltså herregud vad sådant händer typ jämt. en kärring på jobbet påstod att jag gett för lite pengar tillbaka, och krävde att min manager skulle ge henne de 2€ som fattades. vet till 100% att så inte var fallet, räknar alltid sjukt noggrant. anyhow. när hon ätit upp kom hon tillbaka till kassan och började härja om att jag skulle säga förlååååååt, att hon vägrade gå innan jag sagt förlåååt. världens läskigaste psychoögon. jag sa i alla fall inte förlåt, utan log och gick till köket och åt en kaka istället. bam!


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