After almost killing myself at work last week was I unable to get my sorry ass home walking so I took a taxi and I had a very fun ride home. After I managed to crawl into the car, telling him where to he said: “are you from Norway?” Folks, this was a beautiful moment for me in Paris. A stranger guessing so close to where I’m from was amazing to me because I ALWAYS get the question if I’m from America as soon as I open my mouth.

I told him I was swedish and then asked why he guessed Norway. He said that his best friend is from Norway and I had the same accent as his him speaking french. I learned that they have been friends for years and they play in the same jazz band. The driver was so funny, he literally kept my laughing all the way home and also invited me to come and hear his band play at “Duc Des Lombards” next week. Not sure if I will go but Paris is a city with plenty of good jazz clubs so save this list for the next visit.


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