US Hot Dog

La Mosaique (hot dog) is a wonderful little spot in Le Marais that serve hot dogs like true americans. While french people stand in line at the boulangerie for a snack, I stand in line for a hot dog to grab a bite. No hard feeling frenchies, I love me some baguette but a hot dog a la U.S.A wins every time!

IMG02626-20121213-1627 IMG02624-20121213-1627My friend Sarah knows how to order the best one!

La Mosaïque
56 rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris


2 thoughts on “US Hot Dog

  1. Does your friend work for AA as well ? I was in AA in rue vieille du temps and there was a girl in the store looking like her 🙂 Anyway, Ireally Love love your blog!


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