Snö i Paris

Paris my love, I like you less now. All this snow, really? You know, I left Sweden thinking I never had to deal with very cold weather and snow but this winter is like a swedish winter. Sure, you look beautiful covered with snow but beauty is not everything. I like you better when you are you.

Did you know that Parisians are having a hard time dealing with the snow? Yes, it’s true. They stay in, too scared to go out and the roads are so quite, not a single car. But the kids are loving it, they are out all day playing in the snow.

This is also the only thing people are talking about, snow. Snow. Snow. I’m tired of it. You know that there are more important things in life than snow? People seem to have forgotten about that. One guy even told me he liked it! He said that the snow made him feel like he was somewhere else, as if he was traveling. I want Paris to come back.



2 thoughts on “Snö i Paris

  1. Everything will be fine, no worries ! We like snow because at least it brings light, not like the gloomy rainy days where everything was so dark. It won’t last very long anyway 🙂


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