Hey World!

It’s so wonderful to see how social media can connect people from around the globe with one simple click! Thank you Urban Bush Babes for introducing readers from all walks of life to my blog. I am glad you took the time to visit and I hope you will enjoy reading about Paris (and much more) on my blog.

Bonne journée!

6 thoughts on “Hey World!

  1. I found your blog via Urban Bush Babes, and I love it! Since moving to Germany from the US, I’ve been really fascinated by the stories of women who move to new places (especially new countries!) in pursuit of a life less ordinary. Can’t wait to read more!


  2. yeah tha’ts right… thanks to UBB 🙂 your blog is really nice & cool. love the spirit.
    What is really funny, it’s how internet is so small – like the world?- I recognized your photo with the yellow turtleneck on ubb, after seeing it on Corinne Bailey Rae’ Pinterest ! small, han.


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