Nice To Meet You

I will not do the talking this time. Tell me more about YOU! I see readers from Jamaica to Mongolia and I am very curious to hear from you.

Have a good evening!

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12 thoughts on “Nice To Meet You

  1. Bonsoir déjà vu , je m’appelle alima et je suis française d’origine sénégalaise !!! je suis sur ton blog pas par hasard
    je comprend pas super bien l’anglais donc je galère un peu pour les comm mais j’adore les photos !!! alors j’ai décider de vous suivre !!! a j’adore les looks aussi !!


    • Bonsoir Alima!
      Merci de visiter mon blog et bienvenu 🙂
      Moi, je suis suédois d’origine de l’Érythrée.
      Haha, c’est la meme chose pour moi avec la langue francaise. Its so hard!
      Merci encore!


  2. Saw your article in UBB. I love the fact that you just packed up and moved to a whole new country on your own, ready to embrace whatever you found there. Life’s too short 🙂


  3. Hii 🙂
    Found your blog from UBB and I thought your hair was GORGEOUS.then I found out you moved to whole new country by yourself ! It’s something I’d love to do one day but I don’t know of I’ll ever have the courage like you did.


    • Oh, thank you so much! So kind of you.
      Yes, I did that and I have not regret it for one second.
      I had a good feeling about moving to Paris so I decided to trust that instinct.
      Life is short so make sure you focus on things that will make you happy and do things you love to do.
      Im sure you already have enough courage to do great things in life. You just have to belive in yourself 🙂


  4. How was it like for you learning French? J’habite a Toronto et je fais mes etudes en francais, mais c’est difficile de pratiquer le francais dans un environnement anglophone. Alors, dites-moi comment vous avez appris le francais quand vous avez déménagé au France, ou est-ce que vous le parlais quand vous habitiez en Suede?
    Sorry for the errors!


    • Hey there!

      Im still learning French. Its kind of a complicated language to learn but Im not as good as I would like to be yet! I did not speak french before I moved to Paris. I learned to speak at work. But it was hard and its still hard since I have colleagues from around the world and we sometimes speak in english. So stay focused on learning french and never give up 🙂


  5. Hi, I’m Alee! Hello from Eastern U.S.

    I have a blog but I’m obsessed with fashion, style, photography so I hang around blogs that talk about these topics. I’m always looking for good new boots so I’m glad I found your blog via UBB. 🙂


  6. Hi Hanna,
    I saw you on UBB, and was soo excited to see that you have a wordpress instead of a blogspot, because that meant I could follow you :P. I grew up for a bit in Germany, I only spoke french when I moved there. Not even a little bit of english (not that it would have been THAT helpful) so I connected to your story. I’m interested in everything really that relates to ‘finding yourself’, whether it is through hair, music, fashion, etc… For now I’m trying to get better in photography! I’m excited to see what your website will turn out like.


    • Hi Michaella!

      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
      I like your blog too. Nice pictures!
      How was it to grow up in Germany and where do you live now?
      I love everything that has to do with personal growth! Its so liberating. Dont you think?
      Good luck with your projects and lets stay in touch.


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