French Lesson #27

Where I’m from, people like things to go smooth and keep things organized. Where I live, it’s the complete opposite in my opinion but I’m sure the french population would disagree. Let me give you an example; doing groceries. What I do is, when its time to pay, I put all the bar codes in line so that the cashier can scan the items quickly. They french way is to pile up all their items in a random order on top if each other!

I almost got a heart attack first time I did groceries here. I could not believe what I saw! Ok, slightly being a drama queen here but honestly, why? People often look at me in a strange way when they see my system but I don’t care, they will learn one day and I’m not leaving this country before they know how to do groceries. The right way.


2 thoughts on “French Lesson #27

    • Haha! Good video! True, Paris is not France but many of the french people living in Paris are from other cities in France so Im not that far off using Paris as a reference for this country 🙂


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