Me and my sisters took a road trip to Charleston, SC (from Charlotte, NC) a few months ago and went to a beautiful market where we met the artist Sabree. We were looking for a gift to bring back to our cousin who just got married when I saw her painting called “Hat Appeal”. Looking at this young black lady reminded me of me and I said : “she must have thought about me painting this”.

Here is why. I left the safest place on earth (my family) to chase my dreams and follow my heart. It lead me to Paris. I’m still here and so many time have I asked myself if I did the right thing. In March last year, I posted “I’m with hat” on this blog and “Hat Appeal” showed my the sign I needed; yes, I did the right thing. #maktub

Sabree’s description to “Hat Appeal” : “A woman who loves fashion, patterns and colors. She is most confident and speaks her mind. There is most definitely a little bit of hat-attitude in “Hat Appeal”.

2 thoughts on “Maktub

    • I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! There are a lot of signs/details in our everyday life that are for us to discover. We just need to keep our eyes open and not be afraid to embrace these signs.


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