Know your hair – Part 2

This week we continue to share more natural hair care tips, if you missed last week’s post click here . We will be taking a closer look at hydration, moisture and styling for natural hair.



What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it’s raining outside? “I need to cover my hair!” right? Well, ladies no need to fear water! H20 is the best thing you can put in your hair and your lovely curls need a healthy balance of 8-12% of water for healthy growth.  One of the most effective ways of ensuring that your hair is properly hydrated is through steaming, which will do wonders for your hair. Steaming enhances your natural curl pattern and promotes hair strength and elasticity.


Hydration vs Moisture

Hydrating your hair and keeping it moisturised goes hand in hand. However, keep in mind that these are two separate needs that your hair has. Hydration prevents dryness and moisture makes the hair smooth, and helps with growth and length retention. Thankfully you can merge these hair needs into one step, the easiest way is through applying a deep conditioner for moisture and then sitting with this under a steamer for hydration. This is the ultimate TLC for your hair and gives it the right balance it needs for strength, growth and overall health.


Protective styling

This is a topic that kept coming up throughout the sessions at Natural Hair Academy. Protective styling is basically hairstyles where the hair is styled in a way that enables the hair to hold on to as much moisture as possible and protects it from friction. You’re essentially letting your hair “rest” in a protective hair style, which promotes growth.  There are many options for protective hair styles, if you’re for example transitioning (trying to grow out your relaxer) then braids could be a good style. Or if you are focusing on growing out your hair long, you could put your hair in an up do and keep those ends tucked in! Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and needs extra care and moisture to avoid breakage.


Weekly hair regimen.

Planning ahead of what hair styles to wear throughout the week can be a helpful way of managing your curls between washes. This requires close observation of how your hair behaves throughout the week.  Your curls will look different right after a fresh defined twist out on the 1st day versus for e.g. the 4th day. Knowing what to do with day 4 hair in advance can help cut out a lot of frustration and save you time. Ideally a couple of the “go to” hairstyles” should be protective to avoid unnecessary friction and for the hair to hold on to moisture. The Monroe sister’s shared below picture with us at the Natural Hair Academy of how they care for their hair throughout the week. As you can see on the picture below it’s a fair mix of gorgeous hairstyles that they alternate between throughout the week.




Play with your hair!

There are no limits to what you can do with your hair so play with it to get to know it better! Yes, we know that at first, all that natural hair might seem daunting and difficult to handle but you will be surprised to find out how much you can do with it! As you learn more about your hair you will start to appreciate its character and learn how to work with it, and it will gradually get easier to style your hair. The key thing is to accept that natural hair needs a lot of patience and creativity.

There are so many fabulous naturalistas out there these days with great tutorials on how you can style your hair, so get inspired and dare to play with your hair! One of our favourite natural hair bloggers is the lovely Naptural85, her hair story is truly motivating and we learn lots from her video tutorials.

We’ll soon be posting about our individual hair journeys from when we we’re young, going down memory lane 🙂

Hope you find these tips helpful!


Hanna and Ruthie

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