20 Facts

I got tagged on IG by irisnaturelle.com a few days ago to list 20 facts about me. I did accept the mission but I thought it would be too long of a post on IG so I decided to post it on the blog instead. Here we go!


20 facts

1.My name is Hanna

2. I’ve celebrated my birthday 30 times.

3. I’m born and raised in Sweden and my parents are from Eritrea.

4. I’ve been living in Paris for 5 (!!!) years.

5. 6 is the number for kids my parents decided to raise. I popped out as number two.

6. I prefer sneakers over heels.

7. Blue is my color.

8. I’m a very good listener.

9. I can get down to any kind of beat.

10. Laughing is something I do very often and in a very loud way. Cant help it!

11.I speak my mind in a very firm way.

12. Mornings are meant for sleeping in. So no, I’m not a morning person.

13.I hate doing my hair but I love the results.

14. Getting dressed is something I do after my mood. That same day.

15. My orientation skills are so bad I get lost using google maps.

16.I would never order a pizza just to have a slice. I eat the whole thing!

17. Coming from a big family, I learned to share and compromise before writing my own name.

18. Observing things is my favourite sport.

19. I’m dyslexic so reading and writing is not in my favour.

20.I make the best chocolate cakes!

Et voila!

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