Every now and then, I like keeping my hair out-of-the-way and give it some extra TLC. One method that works well for me is to twist my hair. This is a simple method that will protect your hair as well as keeping it moisturized. Another good thing is that you can play around with it and do different hairstyles! #teamnatural


3 thoughts on “TLC

  1. Verry cute! I love your hair style (and the earing 😉 ). Can you told us more about that extra of “TLC” please ( I don’t found it on google, maybe it’s an expression… sorry I’m french and a ” newbie nappy”, soo sometimes I get lost with all the abreviation). Bay the way, I love your blog 🙂 it’s a realy good job. You have make me dicover some place in Paris i’ve never imagine. It’s realy refreshing. (sorry for my poor english).


    • Merci bcp naturalista 🙂

      I understand you perfectly! Well, TLC means Tender Love and Care. So what I meant was that sometimes your hair needs extra care. So twisting it keeps it protected and moisturized.

      Ah, you know, Ive lived here for five years now and I still have much to see and more learn about Paris 🙂

      Glad you like my blg and welcome to my little world!



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