SOD – Mood Board

New season and it’s time to “upgrade” your closet! What do you feel like you are “missing” in your closet or with your personal style right now? Having a hard time deciding what kind of look you would like to go for this fall/winter? Well, a good idea would be to create your own little mood board with brands, looks and things you like for some inspiration. It’s very simple and fun too! Either via paper magazines or internet, let your ideas and taste flow freely.

I’m crushing hard on Swedish brands at the moment and I have decided to try something new for fall/winter and that is to wear more black/grey. Strong colors have always been my thing and it helps me to feel good so I’ve kind of let the “dark side” behind but its time for some change. This is what my mood board looks like at the moment;


I might add a few morde brands/details to it later on but I feel like this is a good base for what I am seaking for this comming season.

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