French Lesson #37

There are so many things to know when it comes to communicating with folks in Paris but one of the most important aspect is that they like to cancel on you the last minute. The funny (or more super annoying) thing is even though that person know that he/she can’t see you as planned, it’s up to you to find out.   

What you must learn is (if you ever have the patience to get a French friend) to ask that person the same day you are supposed to meet if you guys are still seeing each other. If not, you can’t really expect that person to show up. In my world this is crazy as hell because 1) If I can’t make it I would let you know in time and 2) how can you think that your time is more important than mine?  


2 thoughts on “French Lesson #37

  1. Hanna, I’m sorry for your rude friends. I hope you do have the patience to have French friends since you leave in Paris for some time now.
    I agree that this habits of cancelling last minute is inconsidering, but it also shows that you have to be flexible and do more spontaneous plan in a city like Paris.
    Since I’m leaving in London, i am the one who keeps trying to meet people and I get vague answer like let’s check on each other the day before if we still up to… I really feel like i have to chase people ! but I think it’s not something about British people, or Londoners. Actually, it’s much more due to the lack of time that people would gave to you if you do not work together, or live in the same area.

    French are also super late … but it’s okay it give me time when i’m outside to shop rround and concentrate on spending my money :-).


    • Hi there!

      Haha! I love your spirit girl!

      I have many amazing friends in Paris and some of them are french actually. That kind of frenchies who respect other peoples time and who are good at communicating, haha 🙂


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