People In Paris

Its been too long I have not posted pictures of stylish people in Paris and this time around will you be able to get to know them a little bit more. First out is Diane!

Name: Diane K

Describe your style: I like to describe my style as versatile! Fashion is a game I love to play and I dont have any limits when it comes to styling myself. I can be preppy one day, street the other day to later finish the week in heels. I’m a fashion chameleon!

Where do you like to shop: I love walking around town to discover new boutiques but I mainly shop online at the moment.

Favourite brands: My dream closet would include pieces from Balmain, Giuseppe Zanotti and Saint Laurent but since my taste does not match my budget (for now) will I say: ASOS, American Apparel, Zara, Monki, La Moda and Boohoo.

pplinparisVisit her blog for more stylish outfits and follow her on IG !

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