People in Paris

Time for some styling inspiration from Paris! This time we have a chic parisian lady with passion for Scandinavian fashion. Me like!

Name: Charline

Describe your style: One word : MINIMALIST. Some people call it “boring” but to me there is nothing better than a simple “straight to the point” outfit. Of course, I can sometimes jump out of the black/white/beige/grey path, but it’s most definitely how I love to dress on a daily basis. Simple colours, straight lines, ample fits, slight and soft material or denim. No fantasy, one or two cool accessories to spice it up… And we’re good! I’ve been living in Sweden for two years and I must admit that the Scandinavian style is so inspirational to me. “Pas de chichis” like we’d say here.

Where do you like to shop: Vintage stores around the city, a lot of online shopping.
For the “Girl-on-a-budget” that I am, &otherstories, COS, Uniqlo, American Apparel can be full of surprises

Favorite brands: I am not really a “brand addict”. My favorite pieces are most of the time not even branded. But I’d say ACNE, Mads Nørgaard, Vasuma, Carin Wester… SCANDINAVIAN POWER !


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