People in Paris

Style alert! Let me introduce you all to a fine young man from Paris who design his own clothes and no rules when it comes to colors, he prefers to mix it all!

Name: Alain

Describe your style: My style is a mix of what I am, what I want to be (depends on the day ) and how I feel but most of the time I like to be comfortable. I can go from tailored suits to technical japanese garments ,traditional american 50’s youth to 90’s hip hop influenced outfits. There are no rules in my world when it comes to colors and I match anything with everything and when I need inspiration, I look at how girls are dressed. Womenswear is my first love since it’s more diverse than menswear and there are a lot of stylish women that I look up to.

Where do you like to shop: I shop everywhere from thrift shops when I need quality pieces from back in the days to high ends brands.I am a huge sneakers fan and I prefer to buy shoes online since the retail pricing can be twice as high for the same item online.

Favourite brands: I spend less and less money on known brands since I’ve realised how vain it is to throw large amounts of money on clothes so I prefer to make my own clothes instead. However, if I had to name a few I would say Engineered Garments, Abasi RosboroughCasely Hayford, Agi & Sam, Norse Projects and everything from La Garconne online store.


Alain is wearing his own design “Alain Gauthier” with shoes from Bikkembergs.


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