Club S.W.E#4 X OKOK

Club S.W.E is back and this time we have invited a very interesting artist from Stockholm, Sweden called OKOK. We wanted you all to get to know him a bit better before his first exhibition in Paris so we asked him a few questions;
  • Tell us a little bit about. Who are you?I’m OKOK, abstract painter from Stockholm, Sweden. Painting at least 8 hours per day, to try to expand my visual Universe of shapes and forms. 
  • How / why did you start creating?  I’ve been painting since young enough to hold crayons. I guess it’s in me. I need to create. If I’m not painting, snapping pictures, making movies, writing jokes and poetry or expressing myself in some way, I don’t feel good – my whole body feels electric and it gets hard for me to sleep and handle my life in general. Being creative is the reason I was given a life on this Quality through quantity  planet. 
  • How would you describe your art? (In three words?) Quality through quantity. 
  • What does your art stand for? What message would you like to give with your art?There’s not really a message in my art. There’s more of a message in me being an artist. I want to spread good energy. I want to inspire others to think big. I want to inspire people to believe in themselves and follow their hearts. I want to inspire people to treat other humans, animals, plants and things with love.
  • If you only had one last time to create, what would you do/tell the world?I would travel the world and put my name up on as many walls as possible. 
  • How did this concept of « line artwork » came in your mind, is there a story behind it ?Not really, I just landed in the world of lines when I spent a month using the lobby of Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm as my studio. Working 10-12 hours per day, creating a few hundred pieces of art, using different techniques, I ended up falling in love with lines and the different ways of combining them. 
  • What artist (s) inspires you? Lil Wayne.
  • How long does it usually take to draw a piece ? It all depends on the size of the piece. My smallest pieces 4×4 centimeters might take 20-30 minutes to make. The biggest pieces might take 10-12 hours. 
  • What are you expecting and looking forward to for the exhibition in Paris? It feels amazing that people around the world like what I do enough to book me for exhibitions. I’ve exhibited my art in New York, Kyoto, Osaka and now Paris and being able to visit Paris, where I’ve never been before, is a reward in itself. I’m looking forward to croissants for breakfast. Especially with chocolate in them. 
  • What would you do if you were not painting?Make movies, take pictures or build robots that would paint for me. 
  • What are you up to next? I will exhibit my art at a showroom in Stockholm in October. I will paint a leather jacket with Swedish based fashion brand Erro. I will release 6 sets of hand painted tables and chairs with Swedish based furniture company Givarps. I will travel to India to find a beach where there’s a restaurant where I can sit for hours and paint, while swimming in the ocean now and then. 
  • Is Paris inspiring for you ? If so, why ? Don’t know yet, but probably yes. I’ve never been there, but since traveling inspires me in general, it would be very surprising if Paris did not inspire me. I’m really looking forward to get to see some Paris graffiti bombing and spend my one year anniversary with my girlfriend there after the exhibition. 
Find out more about OKOK’s art on IG and FB!

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