Why I do this!

Yesterday, I received a message from a young lady living in Paris thanking me and the Club S.W.E crew for a great party. I was moved by her message because she said she discovered Sweden in a new way and that the event “opened her horizons and she was interested in knowing more”. This is exactly why me and the Club S.W.E crew do what we do!

When I first moved to Paris, I was so surprised over the reactions that I got when I said I was from Sweden. 9 out of 10 thought I was joking and said “there are people like you over there?” I then realized that frenchies did not know much about Sweden and the swedish culture, a country just “next door”. It was so annoying to me that they had so much to say about the swedish culture even though they never visited the country.

At one point I thought I had to do something about it so I teamed up with a swedish friend and decided to organize events and invite frenchies to party like a swede! We decided to focus on urban culture and invited Dj, artists and designer from Sweden to give people in Paris a taste of a”modern” swedish culture. We have had a blast so far organizing Club S.W.E events and we have so much more planned out for you all!


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