People in Paris

It’s time for some style inspiration from Paris! Let me introduce you all to a beautiful young lady from Copenhagen who loves vintage items and would never ever leave the house without earrings!

Name: Elizabeth

Describe your style: I would describe my style as a combo of what’s comfortable to me while at the same time not making me feel underdressed in case of spontaneous apéros. There is a lot of secondhand involved. I think I prefer pants over skirts – I feel more free to move however I want to, biking, dancing etc. I feel I’m often on the tomboy side of life clothes wise. And I sprinkle it with a headscarf and a few jewelleries and always, always earrings!

Where do you like to shop: So, I rarely do actual shopping. Half of my wardrobe is awesome things I inherited from my grandmother and a few pieces from my great-grandmothers. Another big part of it is from the market at Porte de Montreuil. And then I go shopping for sneaks, jeans and undies in real stores. For sneaks I’m in love with a lot of models in this skate shop Vega or the small sneak shop near Saint-Paul… I like to go to Urban Outfitters for jeans, or when I’m in Copenhagen Rude. Few jeans fit me well, so I stick to what works. And (of course) H&M for basics, although I wish I could afford exclusively wearing underwear from American Apparel!

Favourite brands: At the moment the best jeans I have found to fit me in Paris is Dr. Denim. I am generally pretty crazy about Adidas, even if I mainly dream of it. Otherwise I don’t pay much attention to brands, and again, a lot of what I wear is generations old and of unknown brands or actually homemade. Three things I (could) wear everyday at this time of year are from United colors of Benetton, Elaine Hersby   (Elaine is my friend and a talented designer who speaks to the street/lady Copenhagener in me) and the Belleville flea market.


IG @elzelove

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