Don’t judge a book by…

Last night, a good friend of mine celebrated her b-day at an Italian place called “Da Vito”. From the outside, “Da Vito” looks like any given pizza joint but in the back of the restaurant, behind that brown door will you find the beautiful bar “Moonshiner”. Folks, if you’re like me, a sucker for pizza and amazing cocktails, this is the spot to visit! It was my first time visiting last night and since I was in my feelings after losing a very important game against Italy, I needed a drink! So, when I saw that the drink “Last Minute” had “Swedish spices” in it, I was like: let’s drink one for Zlatan! As I place my order, one of the bartenders overheard our conversation and said “you’re swedish?”. I said “yes” and he goes “well that’s very obvious”. I could have killed him in so many ways but I decided to say “I know, riiiight?”. #bitchdontkillmyvibe



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