Tack! #ClubSWE

Thank you all! The team behind Club S.W.E had such a great time hosting this event and it was a pleasure seeing you all enjoying a fun night out in Stockholm but in Paris. If you could not get enough of the Scandinavian vibes, come by Nüba next Sunday for a Scandinavian flea market! More info here.

Club S.W.E X Nüba

The ONLY thing you need to plan tomorrow evening is to dance and eat like a true viking at Nüba. Club S.W.E is back and this time will we take over the “Village Scandinave” for one evening and you don’t want to miss out on this. We have invited the dopest DJ duo from Sweden, Choys & Ezzo Fresh to make the frenchies bounce all night long! More info about the event here. #ClubSWE #SwedishStreetFood #LeVillageScandinave #Nuba #ZlatanIsInvited #IKEAWillGiveOutFreeFurniture


100% French

This is a MUST for all you out there who are crazy about french music! Madame Arthur is a cool spot in the 18th where they ONLY play french music and they also have fun events during the weekends. At Madame Arthur, they always kick off the weekend with a fun music quiz and karaoke, que en français quoi! I was sooo ready to take over the stage last night with “Pour que tu m’aime encore” (the only song in french I know by heart and please don’t ask me why) but they did not have it on the list. Guess I will save my amazing french singing skills for another time. #Iwillbeback




Since I’ve got food on my mind like ALL THE TIME I felt that it was necessary to tell you all that I’m craving Korean street food! A good friend of mine took me to this cute little street food joint next to Canal St-Martin the other day and I loved it. They makedelicious Bao burgers and great veterinarian options so there is something for everybody! #IneedabaoburgerinmylifeNOW

saamparisPicture from here.