French Lesson #41

This time I’m going to teach you guys how to survive a (long) conversation with Frenchies! You see, Frenchies love to talk just for the sake of talking and I think they love to hear their own voice constantly. They can go on and on about the same damn thing for ages and what fascinates me the most is that they are truly entertained by these kind of conversations! #justgettothepoint

French Lesson #35

I sometimes think I am crazy wanting to learn french “late in life”.This is something I should have thought about doing earlier when my brain just soaked up things without even thinking. With age, things get harder…However,I can’t for my life understand why these Frenchies likes to make things so complicated! WHY do you make it so hard to communicate in your language? All these rules you must keep in mind? Gaaaah!

One of the rules that will confuse the hell out of you is the term of addressing people you know/don’t know. You see, there are two ways of saying “you” in french : familiar way is “tu” and formal way is “vous”. Have a look at this funny infographic on how to use “tu” and “vous” from LA Times:

french lesson

french lesson.1