French Lesson #29

My swedish mafia is no longer the same. My dear friend Nadia decided to leave Paris and move back home to Sweden. If you did not know this, Paris is a city that attracts a lot of swedish people and even though we left Sweden to see something new: we all hang out in small groups terrorising the french with our “strange” language and culture.

Frenchies, please don’t be scared of us. We just like to be very swedish sometimes so our little groups are very necessary for us. If not, there is no chance in hell we can stay sane in a city like this. We just like the best of both worlds. Nadia, we miss you a lot and thank you for all the great moments we had. Bisou!

 nadiaNadia in Paris looking so french and so chic! Me love it.

French Lesson #28

I saw this sign on a fence outside a house walking to the metro in St-Denis the other day and almost peed my pants laughing. For you guys who don’t speak french, it says : “please show us some respect and stop urinating and do your needs here”. I mean, come on! Who takes a shit outside someones house? I guess French people don’t like shitty behaviour.


French Lesson #27

Where I’m from, people like things to go smooth and keep things organized. Where I live, it’s the complete opposite in my opinion but I’m sure the french population would disagree. Let me give you an example; doing groceries. What I do is, when its time to pay, I put all the bar codes in line so that the cashier can scan the items quickly. They french way is to pile up all their items in a random order on top if each other!

I almost got a heart attack first time I did groceries here. I could not believe what I saw! Ok, slightly being a drama queen here but honestly, why? People often look at me in a strange way when they see my system but I don’t care, they will learn one day and I’m not leaving this country before they know how to do groceries. The right way.


French Lesson #24

I often ask myself if french people are passionate or just completely crazy. Three years later and I still don’t know what to think. The reason is that I come from a country where people barely look at each other and the only reason they will talk to a stranger is if they need to say “sorry” or “excuse me”. Here in Paris, people are loud all the time no matter the situation.

One thing that is truly shocking to me (honestly) is when I hear people having very personal conversations/arguments in public. I don’t know HOW many times I have seen couples fight in the middle of the street screaming hurtful words and having this dramatic breakup. First time I witnessed that, I swear, I was looking around for someone to say “cut” and tell the actors to take five. But no, it was for real.

Crazy or passionate? I still need to figure it out.