Got a few more days in town before I will go home and see my family in Sweden and I’m loving every moment. August is actually my favourite month in Paris since everybody is on vacation and the vibe here is so peaceful. The other day, I decided to start working on my list, (previous post) so I went for a walk at “La Coulée Verte”. Gosh, I had no idea it would be that hard to complete my list with 30 aspects and so far I “only” wrote down 12 things but I’m ready to deal with them one by one. I’m also curious to see how far I can push myself to come up with the remaining 18 aspects! #timetocleanup #checkoutmypreviouspost #liveYOURlife



Time to clean up!

Finally some vacation! I’ve got the whole month of August off and this summer, I decided not to plan much and only take time for me. It’s been a while since I sat my ass down for a one on one conversation with myself and I feel that it’s time “clean up”. So, to get started, I have this lovely lady as my motivation:


Off the market

Last weekend was lit! Diana, a childhood friend of mine got married in Belgrade last Saturday and it was such a beautiful party. I’ve know her since the age of 7 and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to be there for her big day. Her people sure know how to party and I can’t remember last time I turned up for 6 hours…

Best wishes Didi ❤


Checking out!

Destination wedding here I come! One of my childhood friends is getting married in Belgrade this weekend and I can’t wait to turn up! Me and Diana meet 25 year ago and even though I left my hometown 12 years ago, she has always been by my side. You know you old when you don’t have a selfie to post with your childhood friends but what we did have were moments like this:




In my zone #latergram

Being a curly girl, one must think about what products to use and more or less have great knowledge of what ingredients works best for ones hair. I’m sure I’m not the only one who have had fair shares of bad hair days while figuring out how to maintain an afro in a climate that often works against it… Since my wifey and I share the same “struggle”, she came up with the best way to spend my b-day and took me to Aromazone to make our own natural hair products. When I was told the workshop would take three hours I thought I would be bored but I never had time to look at my watch! We had a blast mixing and heating up some oils and at the end, I left with three products perfectly adapted to my fro!