Yes we did!

Honestly, I was scared af before the 10km race that I did a few weeks ago but we did it! Its been YEARS since I did a race like this but I was having a blast along the way. Well, the last 2km were hard I had the feeling that my booty transformed to a size Kim K but I managed to cross the finish line in one piece! Thank you ladies for motivating me to participate and I’m looking forward to the next race. #teamalmostparisienne #10kmpourelles #runners



Yes, I look happy af because last Saturday, I was in a room full of women who looked just like ME and we talked hair and sisterhood ALL DAY LONG! I left the 5th edition of the Natural Hair Academy with a heart filled with so much love and empowerment. I get a bit scared when I think about those days I wished my name was Becky and had “good” hair…Thank you NHA for yet another amazing event!

IMG_3817Dress from Le Marché Noir.



Curly Connections

In connection to the Natural Hair Academy 2016, the founder of “The Butter Lab” and the team behind “Almost Parisienne”  thought it would be great to connect for an after work before the event. Whether you’re an experienced guest or a first-time visitor, let’s meet up and share tips and expectations for the exciting day to come! We would love to meet other curlcentric people in Paris, from here or elsewhere so don’t hesitate to tell your friends to bring there friends. We are also interested in hearing about your creative projects whether they are in line with ours or within another fields like food, fashion, music etc so bring your cards people. More info here! #curlyconnections


Summer please?

Me waiting for summer like…really? You still not coming? Listen summer, I managed to stay sane during autumn and winter but you are pushing it too far now. It’s June and you are still not here! I don’t know how long I will be able to do this but the lack of sun is driving me crazy. Jalla putain!




I went back home to Stockholm for a day to celebrate my cousins 30th birthday and that was the best 24h in a long time! We are a bunch of us living in different cities in Sweden so I could not miss out on a chance to hang out with them all even for just one day. We managed to do a lot in 24h but the best part was to sleep on my sisters (gigantic) sofa next to my mother even though she snores like a bear!


For us. By us. #teamKrull

Krull magazine was started by a collection of women with diverse Afro-Swedish backgrounds, who identified in the need to address the lack of inclusiveness in the white normative society in Sweden. This idea of what is normal and universal has been coopted by the majority to exclude people of color. We believe diversity prompts better critical thinking, so we feel it is our duty to give an alternative to the predominant perspective.”  #Amentothat



Krullmag; Due South; Esperance, Yaya

Krullmag; Due South; Esperance, Yaya

Krullmag; Due South; Esperance, Yaya

Krullmag; Due South; Esperance, Yaya

10Km Pour Elles

Dear Lord,

I’m reaching out to you to ask you to keep an extra eye on me on the 5th of June. I accepted a challenged to run 10km with my girls and I’m counting on you to make it to the finish line alive.Yes, I know that I used to be a very active athlete a few years ago (read 13 years ago) and running was an everyday activity but things have changed, Lord. I’m doing my best to prepare for this race but I thought that it would not hurt to let you know. #amen

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New Location

Looking for apartments in Paris is very stressful and extremely frustrating! You will be asked to bring countless of (unnecessary) documents, stand in line with 1,000 other people for each visit and at the end, it all depends on the “vibe” the landlord/agency will get from you. You will also waist 80% of your time visiting places that looks NOTHING like the description. Some people don’t mind describing a freaking shithole as a “newly renovated apartment with beautiful natural light…”, no joke! So, when I realized that my landlord was ignoring the fact that my old place was literally falling apart due to construction work in the building, I decided to leave. I was dreading the frustrating process of finding a new place but my amazing friends helped out and pulled some strings for me and I had a new home in no time!

IMG_2957Welcome to “my” little garden!