New Location

Looking for apartments in Paris is very stressful and extremely frustrating! You will be asked to bring countless of (unnecessary) documents, stand in line with 1,000 other people for each visit and at the end, it all depends on the “vibe” the landlord/agency will get from you. You will also waist 80% of your time visiting places that looks NOTHING like the description. Some people don’t mind describing a freaking shithole as a “newly renovated apartment with beautiful natural light…”, no joke! So, when I realized that my landlord was ignoring the fact that my old place was literally falling apart due to construction work in the building, I decided to leave. I was dreading the frustrating process of finding a new place but my amazing friends helped out and pulled some strings for me and I had a new home in no time!

IMG_2957Welcome to “my” little garden!


Did you know that Paris is a great city to shop for fabrics?  Yes honey!  The 18th  arrondissement is the area to go to for great fabrics like silk, cotton and wax. “Place St-Pierre” is the home to many great fabric stores such the famous “Saint-Pierre Market” (Marché Saint-Pierre). You will much likely find something for your home or wardrobe walking up and down five floors of “fabric heaven”.




Music lovers in Paris! Jam To The Wild are doing a tribute to Prince next week and you don’t want to miss out on this. I saw these guys do covers of his music last year and they killed it! However, “Purple Army” found out about it and deleted every trace of the show but let’s hope their will be nicer this time. #RestInPrince


Almost Parisienne


Three ladies, one city and a lot of crazy adventures. That’s exactly what my/our new project “Almost Parisienne” is all about! I’ve teamed up with two fabulous girlfriends, Maya and Sutanya, and you will be able to discover Paris in a way you have never seen/heard before. Well, I will save some juicy gossip for later but first, head over to our IG @almst_parisienne and stay tuned! #firstepisodecomingsoon #almostparisienne


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