People in Paris

It’s time for some style inspiration from Paris! Let me introduce you all to a beautiful young lady from Copenhagen who loves vintage items and would never ever leave the house without earrings!

Name: Elizabeth

Describe your style: I would describe my style as a combo of what’s comfortable to me while at the same time not making me feel underdressed in case of spontaneous apéros. There is a lot of secondhand involved. I think I prefer pants over skirts – I feel more free to move however I want to, biking, dancing etc. I feel I’m often on the tomboy side of life clothes wise. And I sprinkle it with a headscarf and a few jewelleries and always, always earrings!

Where do you like to shop: So, I rarely do actual shopping. Half of my wardrobe is awesome things I inherited from my grandmother and a few pieces from my great-grandmothers. Another big part of it is from the market at Porte de Montreuil. And then I go shopping for sneaks, jeans and undies in real stores. For sneaks I’m in love with a lot of models in this skate shop Vega or the small sneak shop near Saint-Paul… I like to go to Urban Outfitters for jeans, or when I’m in Copenhagen Rude. Few jeans fit me well, so I stick to what works. And (of course) H&M for basics, although I wish I could afford exclusively wearing underwear from American Apparel!

Favourite brands: At the moment the best jeans I have found to fit me in Paris is Dr. Denim. I am generally pretty crazy about Adidas, even if I mainly dream of it. Otherwise I don’t pay much attention to brands, and again, a lot of what I wear is generations old and of unknown brands or actually homemade. Three things I (could) wear everyday at this time of year are from United colors of Benetton, Elaine Hersby   (Elaine is my friend and a talented designer who speaks to the street/lady Copenhagener in me) and the Belleville flea market.


IG @elzelove

People in Paris

Style alert! Let me introduce you all to a fine young man from Paris who design his own clothes and no rules when it comes to colors, he prefers to mix it all!

Name: Alain

Describe your style: My style is a mix of what I am, what I want to be (depends on the day ) and how I feel but most of the time I like to be comfortable. I can go from tailored suits to technical japanese garments ,traditional american 50’s youth to 90’s hip hop influenced outfits. There are no rules in my world when it comes to colors and I match anything with everything and when I need inspiration, I look at how girls are dressed. Womenswear is my first love since it’s more diverse than menswear and there are a lot of stylish women that I look up to.

Where do you like to shop: I shop everywhere from thrift shops when I need quality pieces from back in the days to high ends brands.I am a huge sneakers fan and I prefer to buy shoes online since the retail pricing can be twice as high for the same item online.

Favourite brands: I spend less and less money on known brands since I’ve realised how vain it is to throw large amounts of money on clothes so I prefer to make my own clothes instead. However, if I had to name a few I would say Engineered Garments, Abasi RosboroughCasely Hayford, Agi & Sam, Norse Projects and everything from La Garconne online store.


Alain is wearing his own design “Alain Gauthier” with shoes from Bikkembergs.


People In Paris

Style alert! I would like you to meet this lovely young naturalista from Paris with a huge passion for pieces from back in the days!

Name: Mariame

Describe your style: Very vintage with a touch of urban! My roots are important for me so I also like to include ethnic pieces to my style from time to time.

Where do you like to shop: I love to shop at ” vide dressings”  and vintage/thrift shops because it is in these places that one can find unique and authentic pieces. I find a lot of inspiration in these kind of environments and that is how I develop my personal style.

Favourite brands: American Apparel (complete addict), Urban Outfitters and Monki.

mariameJeans & shirt : Urban Outiftters

Trench coat : vintage

Shoes : Converse

People in Paris

Time for some styling inspiration from Paris! This time we have a chic parisian lady with passion for Scandinavian fashion. Me like!

Name: Charline

Describe your style: One word : MINIMALIST. Some people call it “boring” but to me there is nothing better than a simple “straight to the point” outfit. Of course, I can sometimes jump out of the black/white/beige/grey path, but it’s most definitely how I love to dress on a daily basis. Simple colours, straight lines, ample fits, slight and soft material or denim. No fantasy, one or two cool accessories to spice it up… And we’re good! I’ve been living in Sweden for two years and I must admit that the Scandinavian style is so inspirational to me. “Pas de chichis” like we’d say here.

Where do you like to shop: Vintage stores around the city, a lot of online shopping.
For the “Girl-on-a-budget” that I am, &otherstories, COS, Uniqlo, American Apparel can be full of surprises

Favorite brands: I am not really a “brand addict”. My favorite pieces are most of the time not even branded. But I’d say ACNE, Mads Nørgaard, Vasuma, Carin Wester… SCANDINAVIAN POWER !


People In Paris

Its been too long I have not posted pictures of stylish people in Paris and this time around will you be able to get to know them a little bit more. First out is Diane!

Name: Diane K

Describe your style: I like to describe my style as versatile! Fashion is a game I love to play and I dont have any limits when it comes to styling myself. I can be preppy one day, street the other day to later finish the week in heels. I’m a fashion chameleon!

Where do you like to shop: I love walking around town to discover new boutiques but I mainly shop online at the moment.

Favourite brands: My dream closet would include pieces from Balmain, Giuseppe Zanotti and Saint Laurent but since my taste does not match my budget (for now) will I say: ASOS, American Apparel, Zara, Monki, La Moda and Boohoo.

pplinparisVisit her blog for more stylish outfits and follow her on IG !