SOD – Lifesaver

I often hook up with friends for drinks or dinner right after work and sometimes I don’t have time to go home and change before my rdv. Those days, I bring an item or two to work pimp things up before seeing my friends and I love how something like a belt, earrings or a bag can change your look completely. An item that can make your look go from “nice” to “banging” in one go is a bag from “Tonya Hawkes” ! A true “lifesaver”. #sod #pimpthelook #goboldorgohome



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For us. By us. #teamKrull

Krull magazine was started by a collection of women with diverse Afro-Swedish backgrounds, who identified in the need to address the lack of inclusiveness in the white normative society in Sweden. This idea of what is normal and universal has been coopted by the majority to exclude people of color. We believe diversity prompts better critical thinking, so we feel it is our duty to give an alternative to the predominant perspective.”  #Amentothat



Krullmag; Due South; Esperance, Yaya

Krullmag; Due South; Esperance, Yaya

Krullmag; Due South; Esperance, Yaya

Krullmag; Due South; Esperance, Yaya


Did you know that Paris is a great city to shop for fabrics?  Yes honey!  The 18th  arrondissement is the area to go to for great fabrics like silk, cotton and wax. “Place St-Pierre” is the home to many great fabric stores such the famous “Saint-Pierre Market” (Marché Saint-Pierre). You will much likely find something for your home or wardrobe walking up and down five floors of “fabric heaven”.



Eco Friendly Shopping

I did some spontaneous shopping at “Guerrisol” the other day and I got this beautiful shirt for only 3€! Yes honeeey! What I love about Guerrisol is that they are an important actor on the market of used clothes and textile recycling that managed to offer good quality pieces to a low price. They are also involved in the eco-friendly French recycling company  Eco TLC so shopping at Guerrisol will not only make you stylish, but you are also giving the planet a much needed break. #SOD #thriftshopping #recycling #usedbutnotabused #styleoverfashion


Denim Allday

My favorite fabric in the world is DENIM! I mean who can live without a pair of jeans??? Spring is around the corner so it’s time to bring out those light denim items and if you need some inspiration, check out the Scandinavian denim brand Weekday.  

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H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

For this years “conscious collection“, H&M did a mayor #tb move and looked for inspiration from fashion 300 years back in time and the result is amazing! The collection will be released on April 7 in 180 stores worldwide, same day as the opening of the exhibition “Fashion Forward – 300 years of Fashion” at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris (to which it pays homage). Genius!

Now to the big question: which look is your favorite?



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