Naturals of Scandinavia

To all my curly girls back home! Don’t miss out on the chance to hang out with the lovely @frogirlginny at the “Naturals of Scandinavia” event organized by “Versatility Beauty & Fashion” next Friday! I’m so thrilled to see more and more events like this in Sweden and I would have loved to be there but work got me stuck in Paris. Curly ladies, mark your calendar and get your tickets here!



Did you know that Paris is a great city to shop for fabrics?  Yes honey!  The 18th  arrondissement is the area to go to for great fabrics like silk, cotton and wax. “Place St-Pierre” is the home to many great fabric stores such the famous “Saint-Pierre Market” (Marché Saint-Pierre). You will much likely find something for your home or wardrobe walking up and down five floors of “fabric heaven”.



Eco Friendly Shopping

I did some spontaneous shopping at “Guerrisol” the other day and I got this beautiful shirt for only 3€! Yes honeeey! What I love about Guerrisol is that they are an important actor on the market of used clothes and textile recycling that managed to offer good quality pieces to a low price. They are also involved in the eco-friendly French recycling company  Eco TLC so shopping at Guerrisol will not only make you stylish, but you are also giving the planet a much needed break. #SOD #thriftshopping #recycling #usedbutnotabused #styleoverfashion