When people ask what I do in Paris I always say “you mean other than eating?”. Good thing I’m blessed with the ability to digest food for five people because I just can’t stop tasting my way through this city! I need to tell you guys about a relatively new restaurant in the 18th that is called “Sunset”  with a brunch that makes you wanna slap yo mama! The reason is their delicious homemade pancakes with whipped cream…game over! 



Coucou ma belle!

Hey beautiful!

Yes, YOU! Oh, you forgot to remind yourself today how amazing and beautiful you are? Well, let me tell you that you are beautiful! In fact, your beauty is so unique that there will never EVER be another one like you on this planet. Pretty awesome right? Now, you might live in a society where your uniqueness is seen as something “different” and “complicated” but don’t let that get the best of you. I wish I could take back ALL those moments I felt bad about myself because I was constantly being reminded that I was not like them. Today, I deal with it by not giving a flying fuck (excuse my french) and it makes me feel powerful and awesome. #selflove #beyourownbestfriend #youarebeautiful


Sober Night

The “Open Mind” crew is hosting an event this Saturday at Select Haussmann and the dynamic Dj duo “87Genius” will keep you rockin’ all evening long. As you can tell by the name for the event, you will be able to party hard but in a soft way. Which means that you can turn up all the way with no regrets. #sobernight  #openmind


More info about the event here!