Eataly & Fashion

Ciao folks!

I’m back in Paris after spending a few days in Milan for work during Milan Fashion Week and I had a blast! VSP presented next years SS collection at the White Milano fashion trade show and my brain is overloaded with style inspirations. I discovered so many brands I did know before and I got home feeling that I needed to update my wardrobe ASAP.

The majority of people visiting the White show was italian women and I was blow away by their style. Mama mia these ladies knows how to dress! So classy, sexy and edgy with a big dose of confidens, yaaasss! Wish I had time to stalk them and take pictures but at the end of the day, I was so tired and could only focus on carbs and gelato…


SOD – Do You Boo

I remember once, when I was a kid, I ran home and asked my dad to buy me the same toy a friend of mine had. When he asked me why I wanted it, I said “because she got one and I want the same”. Then he told me never to ask him for something just because he or she had it “but because YOU want it”. From that day, I knew it was “safe” for me to do things differently. Because at the end of the day, that was what I wanted. 

At a young age I started dressing the way I liked and not necessarily after what was trendy. And I do the same today! Like these earrings that I found at H&M the other day, I fell in love with them so bad and send a picture to my sisters and said that they had MY name on it. Nobody agreed with me (zero out of four) but that dont change the fact that I love them! #doyouboo


Family & the City

Here we are. In Paris, reunited again after some time apart. From London to Stockholm, its been a while but it feels like yesterday. Since day one, these ladies have filled my life with so much wisdom and love and I’m so grateful for still having them in my life. Family ❤