In my zone #latergram

Being a curly girl, one must think about what products to use and more or less have great knowledge of what ingredients works best for ones hair. I’m sure I’m not the only one who have had fair shares of bad hair days while figuring out how to maintain an afro in a climate that often works against it… Since my wifey and I share the same “struggle”, she came up with the best way to spend my b-day and took me to Aromazone to make our own natural hair products. When I was told the workshop would take three hours I thought I would be bored but I never had time to look at my watch! We had a blast mixing and heating up some oils and at the end, I left with three products perfectly adapted to my fro!


SOD – Lifesaver

I often hook up with friends for drinks or dinner right after work and sometimes I don’t have time to go home and change before my rdv. Those days, I bring an item or two to work pimp things up before seeing my friends and I love how something like a belt, earrings or a bag can change your look completely. An item that can make your look go from “nice” to “banging” in one go is a bag from “Tonya Hawkes” ! A true “lifesaver”. #sod #pimpthelook #goboldorgohome



bagsPicture from here.

Yes we did!

Honestly, I was scared af before the 10km race that I did a few weeks ago but we did it! Its been YEARS since I did a race like this but I was having a blast along the way. Well, the last 2km were hard I had the feeling that my booty transformed to a size Kim K but I managed to cross the finish line in one piece! Thank you ladies for motivating me to participate and I’m looking forward to the next race. #teamalmostparisienne #10kmpourelles #runners


Don’t judge a book by…

Last night, a good friend of mine celebrated her b-day at an Italian place called “Da Vito”. From the outside, “Da Vito” looks like any given pizza joint but in the back of the restaurant, behind that brown door will you find the beautiful bar “Moonshiner”. Folks, if you’re like me, a sucker for pizza and amazing cocktails, this is the spot to visit! It was my first time visiting last night and since I was in my feelings after losing a very important game against Italy, I needed a drink! So, when I saw that the drink “Last Minute” had “Swedish spices” in it, I was like: let’s drink one for Zlatan! As I place my order, one of the bartenders overheard our conversation and said “you’re swedish?”. I said “yes” and he goes “well that’s very obvious”. I could have killed him in so many ways but I decided to say “I know, riiiight?”. #bitchdontkillmyvibe